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Standard Plan

$ 3,000
  • Under 20 Pages

Professional Plan

$ 6,000
  • Content Management System

Customization Plan

Starting at...
Starting at...
$ 9,000
  • Content Management System

Package A

1,800 /year
$ 280 /year
  • 5 hours
    (It's ¥300/hour)(It's $45/hour)

Package B

3,600 /year
$ 550 /year
  • 15 hours
    (It's ¥240/hour)(It's $37/hour)

Package C

6,000 /year
$ 920 /year
  • 30 hours
    (It's ¥200/hour)(It's $31/hour)

Let me start off by saying, if you are still deciding whether to work with 4liang or not, I can assure you that choosing to work with Ben will likely be one of the best marketing decisions you make for your business. Our website speaks for his talent and professional skills. Needless to say we are extremely pleased with the result. What I want to share with you is that his work ethic and attitude is also more than outstanding. I don’t think Ben is a workaholic but he always responds very quickly despite the time difference between us. When he is travelling, he always inform us ahead of time, so we can make plans accordingly. He always delivers, meets timelines. He understands and respects our vision and makes what’s in our head way better in reality. As a entrepreneur, he truly cares about his clients, super passionate about his job and take pride in his work. We enjoyed working with Ben and is looking forward to have a long term working relationship with him for maintaining and further developing our website!

Qian Zhang | President
Eiffel Peak Capital

Why Choose 4liang?

What you get is more than a website.

In addition to a beautiful and professional website, working with 4liang leaves you in a good mood, with effective & respectful communication through the whole process. Moreover, you will get a professional designer and engineer beside you forever.

My web design is focused on one thing.

By staying focused on lightweight but high-end informative websites, I have become an expert.

You website performance well in all devices.

Experienced in "responsive" websites, I will work with your site to make sure it displays correctly on all your devices.. Feel free to try this website on your mobile devices (smart phone or tablet) to see how it looks and works.